Best Long Range TV Antennas Review

6. Equipped with ClearStream 2V indoor / outdoor HDTV antenna
Sobetter Amplified Outdoor Digital Long Range TV Antenna
ClearStream is a leader in antenna technology and the ClearStream 2V indoor / outdoor HDTV antenna (with mount) uses patented technology to deliver clean full HD TV signals up to 60 miles away. Also, the channel range is enlarged because it is multi-directional. It is easy to install and contains all necessary installation parts.


Reception range: 60 miles
Get free TV on networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, Univision, MeTV and more. Dedicated UHF and VHF
A multi-directional element that provides coverage and coverage in an ideal location
ClearStream 2V antenna included
Mount 20
30-foot coaxial cable
All-weather mounting hardware
Lifetime warranty of parts
7. 1plus outdoor amplification antenna

The 1PLUS Outdoor Amplified Antenna offers excellent coverage up to 150 miles. Since you can turn it 360 degrees with the remote control, do not miss anything because it receives signals in all possible directions. Full HD support is available in 720p, 1080i and 1080p. There is also dual TV output available on two TVs. These antennas offer the ultimate versatility.


Reception range up to 150 miles
36dB Yagi Antenna
360 degree rotation
Full support for 720p, 1080i, 1080p
32dB High Gain Receive
UHF / VHF / FM signal reception
Operating frequency is VHF 40 ~ 300MHz | UHF 470 ~ 890MHz
Built-in ultra-low noise amplifier
36dB Yagi Antenna
Wireless remote control
Includes 33ft HDTV antenna coaxial cable
Weatherability - Lightning protection and grounding
1 year warranty
The stick is not included.
8. Jeje-Tv antenna outdoor amplification

The JeJe Outdoor Amplified Antenna is one of the most powerful long range antennas with coverage up to 150 miles. It supports full HDTV and can receive UHF, FM and VHF. It has a 360 degree rotation range with remote control for signals from all directions, and has dual TV output for use on 2 TVs. There is a built-in ultra low noise amplifier that guarantees the best broadcast quality.


Reception range: 150 miles
Full HDTV support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Operating frequency: VHF 40 ~ 300MHz | UHF 470 ~ 860MHz
360 degree rotation
32dB High Gain Receive
Built-in ultra-low noise amplifier
Power: AC15V 300mA
The digital TV antenna for HDTV has a built-in 360 degree motor rotor.
Built-in Ultra Low Noise Amplifier
Cold resistance
Wireless remote control to adjust antenna in comfortable place of home
Easy installation
9. ViewTV Outdoor Digital Amplification Antenna

It is one of the more powerful long-range antennas that provide up to 150 miles of coverage with 360 degree remote-control rotation. Supports multiple formats and dual TV output for use on two TVs. This monitor is weather protected and has a high gain and low noise amplifier with excellent overall quality and excellent picture quality.


Receive range: 150 miles
Operating Frequency: VHF 40 ~ 300MHz
Operating frequency: UHF 470 to 890 MHz
Noise figure: <= 2.5dB
Typical antenna gain: VHF 28 ~ 32dB
Typical antenna gain: UHF 32 ~ 36dB
Channels: 1 to 69
Full HDTV support: 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Dual TV output
Lightning protection and grounding
60 day refund and 1 year warranty, easy to contact support team
The stick is not included.
10. 8 Element Bowtie Indoor / Outdoor HDTV Antenna

The 8-element Bowtie indoor / outdoor HDTV antenna has patented technology that can receive clear TV signals from up to 70 miles away. The omnidirectional bracket receives broadcasts in various directions. The reflector increases the power of the signal, increasing its range and protecting it from multipath interference. Ideal for people who live in areas with many obstacles such as high-rise buildings and heavy foliage. Best Long Range TV Antennas Review